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The Order of the Ancient Stone Carvers is proud to have a legacy of serving the community. From establishing hospitals for children to providing disaster relief in times of need, the Stone Carvers have been there to lend a helping hand.

In the last two years, The Order of the Ancient Stone Carvers has almost doubled it's charitable giving. That means we're helping almost twice the people in need. More of the poor are being assisted. More of the homeless are being given homes. More children have healing and hope. Our goal for the next two years is to increase our global outreach, and to help those in need in every country, on every continent, in any way we can.

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New Web Resource Released
Find local Stone Carvers chapters from the International site with ease.

New Children's Hospital in Tulsa
The Stone Carvers of Tulsa, Oklahoma have announced the opening of the Stone Carvers Children's Hospital.

Charity Contributions Skyrocket
According to the most recent quarterly report, charitable giving has almost doubled over the same period last year.

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